November 2018:  Mollie Enright Joins the Mason Group

Welcome to new group member Mollie Enright.  Mollie is a first-year doctoral student with a passion for green chemistry.  She worked at Beyond Benign prior to entering the graduate program in chemistry at the University of Toledo.

October 2018:  Article on Indole-Based Complexes of Aluminum Published in Journal of Organometallic Chemisry

Former Mason Group members Dr. Bassam Fneich and Anirban Das had their article on Bidentate and Tridentate Coordination Modes of Bis(3-methylindolyl)-2-pyridylmethane in Complexes of Aluminum and Gallium:  Structural Characterization of Bridging N-Indolide in a Dialuminum Complex published in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (see Figure above). Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum collaborated on some crystallographic details.  Congrats to Bassam and Das!

July 2018:  Vince Kowalski Lands New Job at iGM Resins

Congratulations to Vince Kowalski on his new job as QC chemist at iGM Resins in North Carolina.    

May 2018:  Morteza Jandaghi Starts Job at Alterra Corporation

Congratulations to Morteza Jandaghi on his new job working with polymers at Alterra Corporation in Indiana.  This opportunity arose from interviews conducted as part of our NSF I-Corps Customer Discovery Program.  Morteza will complete his dissertation writing while starting his job in Indiana.  Congrats!

November 2017:  Christine Jette Joins the Mason Group

Welcome to new group member Christine Jette.  Christine is a first-year master's student with an interest in green chemistry.  She completed her B.S. degree in biochemistry at Stony Brook University prior to entering the graduate program in chemistry at the University of Toledo.

November 2017:  NSF I-Corps Customer Discovery Project Completed

Congratulations to Morteza Jandaghi for successful completion of the NSF I-Corps Customer Discovery Program in support of the group patent on Trianionic Ligand Precursor Compounds and Uses Thereof in Constrained Geometry Catalysts.  Morteza served as a entrepreneurial lead on NSF I-Corps Team 853 along with Professor Mason (PI) and Karl Scneider (I-Corps Business Mentor). Our team interviewed 244 people at over 200 organizations.  We interviewed directors of business development, directors of research and development, research chemists, process engineers, and sales managers representing all points along the supply chains for polyolefins, with particular emphasis on automotive and packaging applications. 

July 2017:  UT Rocket Fuel Fund Grant Awarded

The Mason Group is thankful for receipt of a UT Rocket Fuel Fund Grant of $50,000 for Development of New Single-Site Catalysts for Propylene Polymerization.  This project is in support of further catalyst development and commercialization opportunities identified during the NSF I-Corps Customer Discovery project. The UT Rocket Fuel Funds are available from a Department of Commerce Grant with a match provided by the University of Toledo.

June 2017:  Fatemeh "Yasaman" Saleh Participates in ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry

Fatemeh "Yasaman" Saleh was selected by the American Chemical Society to participate in the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy, which was held at the Colorado School of Mines in June of 2017.  Financial support was provided by the American Chemical Society.

May 2017:  Vince Kowalski Graduates and Starts Job at Hampford Research

Congratulations to Vince Kowalski for completion of his M.S degree in Chemistry.  His thesis topic was Synthesis and Characterization of Dipyrromethene Complexes of Antimony.  Vince will be working at Hamford Research Inc. in Stamford, Connecticut.  

September 2016:  NSF I-Corps Grant Awarded

The Mason group is thankful for receipt of an NSF I-Corps grant of $50,000 in support of customer discovery and commercialization efforts for intellectual property on constrained geometry catalysts for olefin polymerization.  The project is based on prior graduate research of former group member Dr. Ryan Rondo and the intellectual property covered by the patent issued to Professor Mason and the University of Toledo in 2013 (US Patent 8,524,846 B1, Trianionic Ligand Precursor Compounds and Uses Thereof in Constrained Geometry Catalysts).  The NSF I-Corps team will be comprised of Morteza Jandaghi (entrepreneurial lead), Professor Mark Mason (PI), and Karl Schneider (business mentor).

August 2016:  Article on Dipyrromethene Complexes of Aluminum Published in Dalton Transactions

Dr. Chris Gianopoulos had his article on Aluminum Alkoxide, Amide, and Halide Complexes Supported by a Bulky Dipyrromethene Ligand: Synthesis, Characterization, and Preliminary ε-Caprolactone Polymerization Activity published in Dalton Transactions (see Figure above).  Professor Li Jia at the University of Akron, and his students Nishant Kumar and Yihong Zhao, collaborated on GPC measurements of polycaprolactone samples.  Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum also collaborated on some crystallographic details.  Congrats to Chris!

August 2016:  Congratulations to Dr. Nick Kingsley on Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Dr. Nick Kingsley on his receipt of tenure and his promotion to Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, Flint.  Nick is a former member of the Mason Group, having received his Ph.D. from the University of Toledo in 2010.  Congratulations Nick!

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