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Lindsey Archibeque, F20.jpeg

Lindsey Archibeque

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Toledo, 2021​

Curriculum Vitae

Lindsey worked with Mollie Enright for two semesters on iron-catalyzed cross-coupling of heterocycles.  Lindsey investigated an alternate ligand, purified coupling products by column chromatography, and identified products by NMR spectroscopy.  Lindsey plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

Alex Vick.jpg

Alex Vick

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Toledo, 2020​

Curriculum Vitae

Alex worked towards synthesizing some NacNac and diimine ligands for use with main group and transition metals.  Alex had some industrial experience prior to joining the Mason group, having completed chemical engineering internships at Freudenberg-NOK in Findlay, Ohio and Chemours Co. in Belle, WV.  Alex is currently working in industry.

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